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Increase sales with leaflet presentations

Increase sales with leaflet presentations

Do you want to reach a large group of customers in a short time? Presenting products through leaflets is an excellent idea.

Promote selected products with inserts

Promote selected products with inserts

Do you need to promote a specific product or service? We can help you achieve your goals.

Analyze behavior with Heatmaps

Analyze behavior with Heatmaps

If you're wondering which areas of the catalog are interesting to customers, this solution is perfect for you.

Enhance your brand image among customers

Enhance your brand image among customers

We will prepare an advertising campaign to reach potential customers in many different ways.

Other services

Culinary recipes

The possibility of publishing recipes, linking them to a specific retail network, and a specific promotional catalog. The ability to place selected products used in the recipe.


If you want to reach a large group of customers, we have the ability to promote promotional catalogs and prioritize their display.

Product linking

Do you want customers to go directly to a product or specific page of your choice? We can prepare appropriate linking for selected areas of the catalog, insert, or notification.

Catalog geolocation

We can present your offer only in the area chosen by you so that it is visible only to customers who are important to you without unnecessary budget spending.

Mobile app notifications

We offer the possibility to customize notifications according to your needs and direct them to selected locations, including specific cities and areas.

Advanced reports

In addition to basic summary reports of cooperation stages, we also offer additional reports with more and diverse data about potential customers.

Surveys and analysis

We can help with conducting surveys, customer surveys, and their analysis, reporting, and further recommendations.


Our recent achievements for clients

Logo marki Tchibo

Collaboration with "Tchibo" resulted in an effective promotional campaign for their products. We focused on building brand awareness through engaging content on blogs and in the application (Ad-Inspiration format), as well as distributing promotional leaflets. Our goal? Reaching new customers and increasing traffic to the Tchibo website. The effectiveness of our efforts translated into an increased interest in Tchibo's offerings.

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Customer References

Get to know our customers' opinions

  • When it comes to electronic communication, we use our website and the mobile application. This is an important form of communication for us, especially now when there are many limitations due to the pandemic.
    Patryk Wrzesien, Communication Manager at bi1
  • Topaz, a Polish retail chain, has been cooperating with MojaGazetka for over 5 years. Today, the presence of the store's regular offer in the largest applications serving consumers for current browsing and comparing promotional offers is the responsibility of every marketer responsible for reaching the customer.
    Mateusz Orzełowski, Marketing Director at Topaz
  • As a Hitpol grocery store chain, we want to reach the widest possible range of consumers with the latest promotions. Thanks to the MojaGazetka app, the number of catalog views has increased, and we have also seen more activity from consumers on our website.
    Gabriela Rutana, Marketing Specialist at Hitpol
  • By publishing Marmax catalogs and leaflets in digital form, we reach a younger, eco-conscious customer who is increasingly moving away from paper print media. We believe that digital format may soon completely replace the paper form of our promotional catalog.
    Karol Manńkowski, Marmax Store Network
  • Environmental care is one of our priorities. We invest in modern solutions that bring benefits not only to the company but also to our ecosystem. One of the important directions is the publication of commercial catalogs of Społem PSS Zawiercie in mobile applications. Our customers also prefer this form of information over paper catalogs.
    Ilona Kaczmarczyk, CEO of Społem PSS Zawiercie
  • Since 2015, we have been using the MojaGazetka app to present our promotional offers every two weeks. The app is currently one of many distribution channels for the catalog. Considering environmental concerns, we have noticed an increasing interest in this form of reaching customers. The past few months have shown that more customers have started using the app to search for promotions, and this number is likely to increase.
    Małgorzata Tadych, Marketing Section Manager at PSS Szczecin
  • The BAT network operates locally in Pomorskie but also through an online store. A few years ago, we started publishing catalogs in a digital format. We treat the promotion of our catalogs in electronic form as an essential part of our marketing communication. We believe that in the near future, this will be the main marketing communication channel. In our opinion, it is simply better - we know what we are paying for and we know how many people our offer has reached. In the case of paper, we do not have such feedback.
    Kamila Bigus, Marketing Specialist at BAT Store Network

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